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PC200 PC120 PC300 PC400 EX200 EX120 EX300 CATE200B CAT320 4D31 6D31 LS280 SK200-3 4BD1 4BG1 6D14 6D15 6D16 6D22 6D34
2.     Gen-set: Cummins K&N series, NT855,K19, K38, L10, HITACHI, CAT, MITSUBISHI, KOBELCO/KATO etc..
3.     DOMESTIC VEHICLE: steyr, Iveco, Hongyan, liberation, dongfeng, xichai,ShangChai, Cummins B.C series etc..
Differen engine models, part numbers and OEM numbers are available. Meanwhile, you can also talk to us about your OEM projet.
  Under the situation of the modern enterprise system being perfected, our company will always be in good faith-based and is willing to work closely with the parties insight, mutual benefit and seek common development plans. Sincerely welcome the customers come from domestic and abroad to visit our factory, to talk about trade negotiations, a more extensive economic and technological cooperation.
Модель Двигатель OEM Легковые и Грузовые
TD04 4D56T 49177-01510  Mitsubishi
TD04 4D56T 49177-01512(排气三孔油冷)  Mitsubishi
TD04 4D56T 49177-01500(油冷)  Mitsubishi
TD04-10T-4 4D56T 49177-01515(MR355220)  Mitsubishi
TD04 4D56T 49177-OKK245220(28200-4A201)  Mitsubishi
TD04 4D56T 49177-Q63220(28200-4A201) 瑞风/
TD04 4D56T 49177-Q25200(28200-4A201)  Mitsubishi
TD04 4D56T 49177-01504  Mitsubishi
TD04 4D56T 49177-OK173114(28200-4A210) 南韩特拉卡/单嘴
TD04 4D56T 49177-0D104040(28200-4A200) 南韩特拉卡/双嘴
TD04 4D56T 49177-02502(排气无孔水冷)  Mitsubishi
TD04 4D56T 49177-01504(排气三孔水冷)  Mitsubishi
TD04-09B-4 4D56T 49177-01010  Mitsubishi
TF035 4M40T 49377-03410  Mitsubishi
TF035-12T-4 4M40 49135-03310(MD202879)  Mitsubishi
TF035HL2-12GK2-VGK 4D68 49135-02652(MQ968080)  Mitsubishi
TF035HL-14BK 4M41 49135-03410(ME203949) Pajero3.2L
CT9 2LT 17201-54090  Toyota
CT12 2CT 17201-64050  Toyota
CT12 2LT 17201-70020  Toyota
CT12B 1KZ-TE 17201-67040  Toyota
CT12B 1KZ-T 17201-67010  Toyota
CT20 2LT-2.4L 17201-54030  Toyota
CT20-63 1CTL-CV10 17201-64010  Toyota
CT26 1HD 17201-74010  Toyota
CT26S2 7MGTE-3.0L 17201-42020  Toyota
CT16 17201-30080 Toyota
TO4E63 EF750T-2 24100-3281A Hino
TBP431 JO8C 24100-3331A/479039-0002 Hino
RHC6 24100-2201A Hino
RHC62W HO6CT 24100-2263A Hino
TBP430 24100-3301A Hino
TBP431 JO8C 24100-3331A/479039-0002 Hino
TB2505 HD46T 471024-TB Nissan
QT32/D27 49377-02600/14411-7T600 Nissan
TA4507 PE6T-280 466314-0004/14201-96563 Nissan
RHC6 FE6T/HO7C 14201-Z5613 Nissan
HT12-19B 14411-9S00 Nissan
HT18 14411-62T00 Nissan
GT45 KLD85Z 466314-0008 Nissan
GT20V ZD30.ETI/3.0 724639-1 Nissan
QT32/D27 49377-02605/14411-7T605 Nissan
RHF5 4GB1 1118010-802 Isuzu
RHF5 4JB2 8971228842 Isuzu
RHF4H 4JB1-TC 8973311850/VA420076 Isuzu
RHF4H 4JB1T 8971397243/VF420014 Isuzu
RHF5 VL84 Isuzu
RHB52 4JB1T 8971760801/VA190013 Isuzu/天皇100P
RHB5 4JG2-TC 8970380-5180/VA180027 Isuzu
GT1544 Megane1.9DTI 700830-1/3-7700108030 Renault
GT1549S Megane1.9DCI 703245-1/2-7701472228 Renault
KP35 Kangoo 1.5 dCi 5435-970-0000/8200409030 Renault
TO4B39 MIDR 06.20.30/215PS 409200-5014/5000790860 Renault
H2C MIDR-062045/320PS 3524695/5000670625 Renault
S300 MIDR062356 B41-375PS 316638/5010412249 Renault
TA5105 MIDR 06.35.40/340PS 466592-0012/5000791462 Renault
4LGZ MIDR-063540. R365 311651/5000678301 Renault
S400 MIDR062356 F63/H63  318085/5010477656 Renault
K16 Safrane TD/2.5-113PS 53169706731/99441177 Renault
TO4B43 465550-0003/22351000 Renault
S3A 9.9L-319PS 312250-5000681665 Renault
K27 OM422LA 5327-970-6201/6 Mercedes-Benz
K27 OM442LA 5327-970-6502/0040967499KZ Mercedes-Benz
K27 OM442LA 5327-970-6507/0050960399 Mercedes-Benz
K27 OM442LA 5327-970-6508/0050969499 Mercedes-Benz
TA45-21 OM441LA 466618-B/14/15 Mercedes-Benz
GT1852V OM611LA--BUS 6110960899/709836-0001 Mercedes-Benz
GT174 OM612---VITO 6110960299/704596-0001 Mercedes-Benz
GT2538C OM602 454207-0001/进气 Mercedes-Benz/412
GT2538C OM602 454207-0001/出气 Mercedes-Benz/412
TB4122 OM442LA 466244-0008/0030962599 Mercedes-Benz
TO4B27 OM352 409300-0001-11 Mercedes-Benz
TO4B81 OM366 465366-0013 Mercedes-Benz
TBP418 OM366LA 452085-0003/3900966499 Mercedes-Benz
4LGZ OM355 5232-970-3296/3-3525154-310710 Mercedes-Benz
K16 OM904LA 53169707129/9040968599 Mercedes-Benz
S400 OM501 317405/0070964699 Mercedes-Benz
S400-14S OM447 166643/4760968199 Mercedes-Benz
K27.2 OM906 53279707120/9060964699 Mercedes-Benz
TA3120 T4.40 2674394/466854-5001 Perkins
TA3123 2674A076/466674-5005 Perkins
TB2558 TJP-P135T1 T2674A150/452065-0003 Perkins
TBP4 160PS 2674A082-028/792422-5004/1 Perkins
TBP4 210PS 2674A059/452089-3 Perkins
GT2052 1004T 2674A373/452191-0003 Perkins
GT25 1104C 2674A211 Perkins
HIE 3593920 MAN
WHIE 3590560 MAN
4LGZ D2566/D2542 52329707401 MAN
HX50 D2866LF25 3597285/53319707201 MAN
HX50 D2856LF09-340HP 4027793/51.09100-7409/315528/43 MAN
HX50 D2866LF31 3593894/53319706710 MAN
GT15 452213-0003 Ford
KP35 Fiesta 1.4 TDCi 5435970009/2S6Q6K682AB Ford
K04 Transit TD/2.5TDI 53049700006/954F6K682AA Ford
TO4B29 TD70E/G/TD60B 409840-50003/50005 VOLVO
TA4513 TD101 466818-0008 VOLVO
TA5102 FL10 466076-0016 VOLVO
TA5102 TD121F/G 466076-2-12-22 VOLVO
GT4288 FL/D10A 452174-0001/8194432 VOLVO
GT4594 D12A/FH12/FL12 452164-0001/6-3537804/3537913 VOLVO
TA4502 TD100 465922-0012-1545098 VOLVO
H1C TD61 3523541 VOLVO
H1E Volvo White 7L 3530474 VOLVO
HX40W D7/D7C 4041276--4038894 VOLVO
HX50 FL10/D10A 4031414--819432 VOLVO
HX55 D12C 4038617 VOLVO
H2C TD100-101G 3518613----846652 VOLVO
H2D TD102F/LF10/TD122 3526008--3525994 VOLVO
4LGK TD100A/TD100C/
3503150 VOLVO
4LEK TD100B 54794----467602 VOLVO
k03 A4/A6-1.8T 058145703J/53039880029 AUDI
K03 A4-1.9---75HP 028145701R/5303970003 AUDI
GT1749V A3-1.9TDI 038253019CV500/--713672-0005 AUDI
K03 2.7l-V6 5V Biturbo 078145701L-C-B-R/53039700016 AUDI
K03 2.7-V65V Biturbo 078145702H/L/R-5309700017 AUDI
GT174 A3--2.0L-136HP 724930-0002/03G253019A AUDI
GT25 LT2.8/6-125HP 703325-0001/9052920104906  VW2.8L
K27.2 8360.46 53279707042/99443287 IVECO
K14 8140.27 53149707001/4841844 IVECO
GT17 708163-0001/99449170 IVECO
TA0318 8040.45.400-134HP 465379-5003/4848601 IVECO
HX50W 8460.41 35975443597545/53299707020 IVECO
H2D 8460.41 3530536/3591612/3538836/3539436 IVECO
K24 8040.45/25 53249706405--2992393/99442061 IVECO
TA3103 S4D95 6205-81-8110-465636-0206 Komatsu-PC100/120/5
TO4B53 S6D105 6137-82-8200-465044-0261 Komatsu--PC200-3
TO4B59 S6D95 6207-81-8210-465044-0225 Komatsu--PC200-5
TA31-37 S6D95L 6207-81-8331-700836-0001 Komatsu-PC200-6
TA31-37 S6D102 6735-81-8031 Komatsu--PC220-6
HX35 6738-81-8090 Komatsu--PC200-7
TO4E08 S6D108 6222-81-8210-466704-0203 Komatsu--PC300-5
TO4E08 S6D108 6222-81-83-8170/1-466670-0013 Komatsu--PC300-6
HX40W 6743-81-8040 Komatsu--PC300-7
TA4532 S6D125 6151-83-8110 Komatsu--PC400-3/6
KTR130 S6D155 6502-3-2003 Komatsu--D155
KTR110 6D140 6505-52-5410 Komatsu-D140
D355 S6D355 6502-12-9004 Komatsu--D355
T-46/BHT3B NT855 6711-81-910-9201 Komatsu-Bulldozer
TD04L-10GKRC-5 6208-81-8100/49377-01611 Komatsu
TD04L-10T S4D95L 6205-81-8290/49377-01590 Komatsu--玉柴小挖机
S3A SAA6D125E--326HP 6152828220--318110 Komatsu--PC400-TIER-2
RHC7 6BD1T 114400-2100 Hitachi--EX200-1
TB4154/RHC6 6BD1T 114400-2720 Hitachi--EX200-2-3
RHC6-5 6BG1T 114400-3320 Hitachi--EX200-5/210-5
RHC62 24100-3340A Hitachi--EX220-5
RHC7A EP100 24100-1440C Hitachi--EX300-1
RHE7 6SB1T/VB290021 114400-3340A Hitachi--EX300-2-3
TA51 6RB1 114400-3171 Hitachi--EX400-3
TD04H-15G 4BD1T/4BG1T--4孔 49189-00501 EX120/SH120/SK120
TD06H-14C S6K/S4K 49179-00541 CAT-E200B/SK450
TE06H-16M 3066T-S6K 49179-02230 CAT-E320
TO4B65 3204--8N-4774 465088-0003 CAT6N8477---926E
TO4B91 3304T 409410-5002/6/7-4N6851/58 CAT-590
3LM-373 3306 7N7748 CAT
E-302 3306T 312749 CAT
S200A 325C--带阀 177-0440-171860 CAT
325--无阀 14J99-60360 CAT
SD4S/SD4 3306 7C7581/7C7582/7C7579---196538 CAT
TV61/TV81 3406T/E 9N2702/9N2703 CAT
T1238---D342 583K 6N7203--D8H--465032-0001 CAT
TD06H-17A 6D14T 49175-00428---3孔 Mitsubishi--HD800
TD06H17A 6D14-2CT 49179-00110/ME037701--4孔 Mitsubishi--MD800-7
TD06-17C 6D31T 49179-02110 KATO--SK200-3/HD700-5
TA3134 6D31T ME088488 KOBELCO-SK200-5/HD700-7
TE06H-12M 6D34T 49185-01010 KOBELCO--SK200-6
TD08 6D22T--6D15T ME15464 KOBELCO--SK300/SH340
TD04H-13G 4D31T--4孔 49189-00800/ME080442 KATO-HD400/450/510/512
TD05 4D31T--3孔 49178-00550 KATO-HD400/450/
TD06-11A 4D31T--3孔-M12 49179-00210-00220/ME013714/013717 KATO-Canter LWK-3.3L
TD07 6D16T 49187-55540
TD07-22A 6D16T ME047102
RHB7 UH07-7 114400-1071-VA1500021 住友S-280
T-46(068) NT855 3018068/3801990/ Cummins
T-46(924) NT855 3026942/3801967 Cummins
ST-50 NT855 3032062/3801937 Cummins
H2E L10 353253/4-3803586/168825 Cummins
HC5A KTA38 3523850/3525218/3594072 Cummins
HC5A 3524450/3801884/3523393/3801580 Cummins
HX80 KTA19-38 3594131/3804811/3529870 Cummins
HT3B FLEET300 3522865/3522867/3529040/3529032 Cummins
HT3B NTEC320 3523415/3801598 Cummins
BHT3B 88NT400-T855 3527046/3803055/3803108 Cummins
HX50 M11 3594809/4024969/3537037/3533557 Cummins
HX50 M11 3803710/3537245/3803939 Cummins
HX55 3590044/3800471/4029124 Cummins
HIC 6BT-590 3522778/3802289 Cummins
WH1C 6BTA 3533316-3533317 Cummins
HX40W 6CTAA-30HP 3536404-3802784-3537287-3893565 Cummins
H1E 6CTA-6CT 3528872-3528708-3528789-3535536 Cummins
HX30W 4BT-110HP 3592015-3800709 Cummins
HX30W 4BTA-160HP 3592121-3802906 Cummins
HX30W 6BTAA-180HP 3538414-3802841 Cummins
HX80M K19-M640 3596960 Cummins
TO4E06 DSC9 466616-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Scania
HX50 DSC11-22-112-113 3537639--137856 Scania
4LGK DSC1101-12-13-16 3503327-305762-571562 Scania
4LGK DSC14-470HP--142 3527192-1108808-199559 Scania
HX50 DSC12-01 3597285-3597358 Scania
S3A DS11-34-36 312283--3531719-1115749-1114892 Scania
H2D DSC11-26-380HP 3533616-1351631 Scania
S2B 2674A394 Perkins
GT2052 452191-003/2674A373 Perkins-同T135
TA3107 465778-17-18/2674397 Perkins
TO4B25/TO4E13 DT466/DT466B 409770-0019-1806078C91 NAVISTAR-同PC200-5
HIE 3524034-H1137935 同康明斯Cummins6CT
SIB BF4M2012C-102HP 318167-04258199KZ Deutz-压壳大口,出口插
GT25 4HE1 8973628390 蜗壳法兰4孔梯形,其中2孔M8螺丝,排气5孔  
TB2580 TD27T 703605-0003-14411-G2407 Nissan-蜗壳同TB2556
RHC7FW 114400-2752B
RHC7FW VX41 114400-2085A-VH250015          Hino-K13C
TB25/T250-04 300TDI 452055-0004/ERR4893/ERR4802 Land-Rover300TDI
HY55V 4046945/504252142/504255233 IVECO-CURSO-13
TD06-11A 49179-00210 Mitsubishi-4D31T
TFO35 49135-05010 IVECO
TA3164/K24 466192-1 OM364LA
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