NT-D3 Turbo Overall full speed balancing machine
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NT-D3 Turbo Overall full speed balancing machine

  • Taian Nantai Experimental Equipment Co.,ltd introduce the new generation turbo cartridge dynamic balance machine: NT-D3 Turbo Overall full speed balancing machine, through with many years work experience in the files of the turbocharger.
  • NT-D3 Turbo Overall full speed balancing machine are fulled automated, eliminates the differences due to manual operator. So the testing results are more repeatability and compatibility.
  • Its bracket and system adopt full new design, to ensure the operating more convenient and reliable.
  • Data reading and control system of the machine are fully digital control, using and processing by the latest generation industry computer Windows XP operating system.
  • Adopting new software and 15’LCD colorful monitor , it not only make all the functions and testing results visible, and also the operator can direct dialogue with machine.
  • Features:
  • 1) Frequency control, speed 0-200000R/M adjustable( according to the actual needs)
  • 2) Test result are accurate and stable.
  • 3) Free choice of parameters, custom memory recording mode.
  • 4) Complete parts and accessories , to meet the requirements of the vast majority of the turbocharger.
  • 5) Equipped with compact Pneumatic handwheel, for de-emphasis, work easy and efficient.
  • Technical parameters
  • 1) Test Piece work rate:0-200 , 000R/Min adjustable
  • 2) Fan power :7.5KW
  • 3) Hydraulic :0-6bar.
  • 4) Fuel tank: 5 liters (SAE 15/30)
  • 5) Voltage: 380V / 50-60HZ

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