Common rail injector and pump test bench

CAT3100 HEUI & Common rail injector Test bench
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CAT3100 HEUI & Common rail injector test bench


CAT3100 COMMON RAIL TEST BENCH is the professional test bench

which is used for testing common rail system, can finish

the high-pressure common rail system functional testing.

Common rail Injectors & HEUI:

1. Cleaning high pressure for the impurities inside of the injectors.

2. Atomization test: to judge whether the injector is blocked through the atomization effect.

3. Sealing test: check whether nozzle, nozzle cap nut and solenoid valve leaks oil.

4. Testing the injection and return volume under: VL. TL. LL. VE and VE2 status.

5. Test solenoid value injectors of different models automatically and test 6 injectors continuously .

6. HEUI testing: CAT C7 C9, 3126 INJECTOR TESTING.

System advantage:

1. Full automatic operation with Windows 7 system.

2. Original Bosch testing database: current curve can be set. Test accuracy similar with world leading test bench.

3. It include more than 3000 types testing data of BOSCH, DENSO. DELPHI SIEMENS  injectors and pumps.

The database can be edited, modified and regularly updated.

4. Self-protection under overheat, oil mist , over pressure and low oil level.

5. Remote control is convenient for service and software upgrade.

6. Include CHINESE ENGLISH, SPANISH, RUSSIA language etc.. which are proper for global using.

7. QR coding ( BOSCH, DLEPHI, DENSO, SIEMENS injectors)

Technical parameters

1, Main motor speed: 0-4000 r / min can be adjustable.

2, Motor power: 7.5KW

3, Fuel Injector open voltage Control range: 12V, 80V, 150V Control accuracy: phase adjustment

4, Injector opening frequency Control: 0-1000HZ Control accuracy: 1HZ

5, Fuel Injector Hold Time Control: 0-65535us

6 Delivery Oil Count Control: 0-1000 times Control accuracy: 1 times

7, Fuel pressure control Control: 0-2400bar Control accuracy: 1bar

8, Electronic power: 3 PHASE 380V or 3 PHASE 220V

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