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NT-S SCV valve flow performance test bench-Single station
2021/5/6 9:29:47    本站    1418

The NT-S fuel metering valve flow performance test bench mainly detects the current characteristics

of the fuel metering unit components of the high-pressure common rail pump.

Provide complete solutions for pre-development,

factory inspection and other test links for metering valve and related product manufacturers.

The main function:

1. PWM pulse width modulation output drive signal, measure the flow of the metering valve

when the oil pressure is stable at 5±0.1bar;

2. It can test the normally open and normally closed metering valves of

a variety of structural forms and sizes

3. Automatically collect, process and draw the metering

valve current-flow curve, and generate data reports

4. It can meet the requirements of manual current

adjustment and current-flow test on fixed points

5. Automatically and judge whether the pressure, flow,

and ring difference of each measuring point of the metering valve component are qualified

6. It has the functions of continuous test, single point test,

standard recording, reliability fatigue run-in, etc.

7. It has the functions of standard database compilation,

storage, uploading, statistics, calling, printing, etc.;

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